The Key to best leather care

The Key to best leather care

As a manufacturer and retailer, the first thing that we notice in anyone is the leather products that they are wearing. Be it shoes, bags, belts, wallets, clutches, or anything leather. And then we usually make our analysis in our heads on what leather is that, what is the finish, what is the style inspiration, what brand and many more things. We are always eager to let the person know how to care for his/her leather goods. We thought will share a few key aspects when it comes to leather care.

Leather goods are made with lot of craftsmanship and requires a constant care. Here are few tips that will be useful to care for your leathers


Everyday Brushing:

Horse hair brush

Whenever you use the leather product, its important to remove the dust. 

  • Take a clean horse hair brush and gently wipe off the dust that might have accumulated on the product
  • Ensure to reach the edges without fail



shoe cream

Just like our skin, the leather too needs constant nourishment and enough amount of moisturization

  • Apply a neutral cream to the leather in circular motion till the cream is absorbed by the leather
  • Once dry, take a soft brush and buff the leather till you get the shine



We do not recommend to wax or polish the leather every time. As long as you nourish the leather, polishing can be done once a week if you are using it on a daily basis. Especially shoes!

  • Apply a small amount of wax/polish to the brush and apply it in a swift motion
  • Using a different brush, rub the leather till you get the mirror shine (Remember to use two different brush. One for application and one for Buffing)



Leather goods are supposed to be stored in a place where there is enough ventilation and lever in a closed stuffy places. If you are not using the leather goods for a long time, its very important to ensure that the leather does not catch fungus

  • Ensure that your shoes or bags are stuffed well with shoetree/paper to ensure that it retains its shape
  • Use the original packaging to store your items or use a cotton cloth bag. Ensure you do not keep anything on top of it. Also, occasionally, take it out to aerate the same. You can also keep some silicon pouches inside the same to absorb the moisture

There is a saying which says that the “leather ages gracefully”. The more you take care of it, the better it ages well. 

Do let us know your leather care routine.